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Nothing new here, just passing by to leave this... fuckalicious quote. Btw, all new posts will be in Portuguese. Hu3.
<![CDATA[Why do I even call this a blog?]]>Wed, 28 Aug 2013 09:10:14 GMThttp://sorrowfulhate.weebly.com/blog/why-do-i-even-call-this-a-blog

If I know what the picture below means? Nope. If I care? Not really.

  I just realized I had never posted anything useful here, so... Well, let's keep it that way and say bullshit.

  I've deleted the post I had explaining how things work around here (this website) because it had a picture that I was no longer using and old news I was tired of reading.

  This so called (by me) "blog", from now on, will be my... diary~ :P

  Yes, I will share my life experiences with you guys! If there's really anyone else than me reading this, be happy, please. xP

  Well, many know my "Poems" or whatever you may want to call it are in the "Poems" section. My real info is in the Author section, and my contact info is in the upper-right corner of the website.

  This is probably gonna be over my Chatango profile(s) now, so... Hey hey, Chatango users~ ;P

  As you MUST know, my favorite anime EVER is KHR!, and my favorite character from the show is Yamamoto Takeshi, the Shigure Kintoki and Four Irregular Swords' owner, Shigure Souen Ryu's pratictioner and Vongola Rain Guardian. And yup, I roleplay as this guy and am proud of it.

  If you wanna read more about Yamamoto's bossiness, check out the "Character Info" tab. Click on the button to see his story.

  My roleplaying skills may have gotten weak since the last time I've RPed, written or done anything related to that, but I guess I'm still not useless. I've been drawing a lot, so my drawings will be under the "Drawings" tab.

  And as this is gonna be a diary, I should start telling you guys what happened today, shouldn't I?

  Probably, but I still won't.

  Even though I said this was gonna be a diary, I won't be writing here every day. I guess some days aren't worth telling.

  I have a Youtube channel, and some of my videos are gonna be listed/embeded in this website's "Youtube" section. I'll leave them there so you all can hear my cool voice~ u-u (No, I don't think it is cool. People just say that a lot, and I wanna see if I find someone to tell them my voice is nothing more than normal.)

  I guess I'll be creating a Facebook page, too. Everyone's been doing that recently. To anything. Anything...

  Well, I should probably tell y'all that I've started reading Inferno, from Dan Brown. I really wanted to read Dante's one, but I ran out of money with other Dan Brown's books. This is the last one with Robert Langdon as protagonist, and I didn't want to miss it. But The Divine Comedy is listed right after this book, I swear. I just gotta get money and time to buy the books. ô.o

  -sighs- My post is gonna end here, since I have nothing else to say. See ya, folks~ (What is this word used for, anyways? It's the first time I've written it and it looks so weird.)